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1. Name 13 facts about yourself
2. Answer the 13 questions that the person who tagged you provided
3. Come up with 13 questions
4. Tag some peeps

Facts (This was so difficult)
lets keep this short shall we?
1-13 i like pie and i'm about to graduate. I finally got my flickr back.

AssassinCheese’s Questions:( am im supposed to answer these? oh well) 

1. One thing you simply can't live without?

music. jesus b/c thats how i roll

2. Music VS Movies

music. my attention span is short 

3. The UK or the USA?

 I live in the us and i've been to the UK.
so France. :P 

4. Favorite artist on dA?  *blank stare* 

5. Which languages do you speak (and/or want to learn)?

english and very broken spanish and mandarin. 

6. Windows or Mac?
mac b/c thats what my school made me get

7. Worst game you have ever played (and why)?

if i did, it was so bad i don't remember 

8. Name a good book (I need something to read)

paul s kemp erevis cale trilogly and godborn...then again i just like D.Riven*drools* 
9. Youtube or Facebook?

tumblr :P 

10. Future plans?

working aka traveling

11. Do you know where your mailbox live?


12. Which TV series do you watch?

atm its the walking dead. started on outlander but i'm behind. 
13. Pie or cake?

pie. cuz thats all i wanted v.v 

My questions:

  1. What character (any fandom) do you feel like you relate to most?  eh...

  2. It’s the zombie apocalypse! CHOOSE A WEAPON! WhAT iS IT? daryl..oh wait he's not a weapon? darn

  3. Do you have a favorite quote? What is it and why? nope. 

  4. What is your favorite fighting class out of a game of your choice? i like elves and pretty things?

  5. Do you have any long term goals planned? i'm sure i do

  6. What is your favorite romance movie/book? don't read em 

  7. QUICK! You must now choose to become a supernatural creature! What have you chosen? Succubus..

  8. If you have to choose a last meal what would it be? pie :P 

  9. What animal would you choose to turn into should the opportunity arise? dragon 

  10. You must sacrifice your most prized possession in order to continue living. WHAT IS IT? AND WOULD YOU SACRIFICE IT OR DIE? i don't have what?

  11. Your favorite OTP out of the fandom of your choice: heh...sansan

  12. What five colors best describe who you are or the background of your life? what does color have to do w/ anything?

  13. Hypothetically, if someone looked your name up in the dictionary, what words would they find there to describe you? loud, kind, kindhearted, my name ;P 

and im not adding 13 questions or w/e b/c i'm lazy .-.
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tags everyone else* 

  • Mood: Grouchy
  • Listening to: imagine dragons
  • Eating: tea
  • Drinking: tea

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